“Datarithm’s tools and capabilities make them the perfect partner for maintaining good inventory control.”
Teresa Stickler, Owner Melrose Pharmacy. 1-Store operation using Computer Rx software

Precise Inventory Demand Forecasting from Datarithm

Datarithm’s automated inventory demand forecasting system delivers centralized, consistent, and precise control of a pharmacy’s most valuable asset – its prescription drug inventory. Applying proven algorithms to historical dispensing data from each inventory location, deploying automated trend analysis & smoothing, and Economic Order Quantity Calculations (“EOQ”), the system optimizes inventory investment levels by addressing both Overstocked and Understocked positions. In doing, the Datarithm system:

  • Improves liquidity,
  • Turns inventory faster,
  • Accelerates profits, and
  • Raises customer service levels.

How Does it Work?

  • Historical dispensing and other data is collected automatically via bi-directional data interfaces with leading Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS).
  • Using algorithms, trend analysis, smoothing, and EOQ calculations, the system provides forecasted usage and optimized replenishment points for each NDC for upload to the PMS.
  • System settings provide pharmacy management with complete control over inventory investment and customer service levels.