Advanced Analytics


“…with the help of Datarithm, the amount of inventory we carry has been reduced by $30,000. We were able to return almost $20,000 to the wholesaler.”  Kim Bost, Pharm D., Owner of Homer Drug Company. 1-Store operation using Pioneer Rx software.

Unlock the Power of Your Inventory Data

Data is a cornerstone to effective inventory management. Datarithm provides users with 24X7 cloud-based access to a broad array of raw inventory data from each of your inventory locations providing insights on inventory trends, movement, availability, cost and customer service. Whether the desired optics are for a corporate, regional or store level, Datarithm allows you to control and leverage your data to drive better inventory analytics, decisions and outcomes.

Data is knowledge … knowledge is everything. Datarithm Analytics provides:

  • Immediate access to core inventory data,
  • Over 50 inventory data points that are refreshed daily,
  • Hierarchical views across the enterprise, and
  • More knowledge for better decisions.

How Does it Work?

  • Daily and monthly inventory data is loaded from your pharmacy system.
  • Corporate managers use the custom report builder to focus analysis on a desired data point.
  • Canned or custom reports are regenerated daily with fresh data.