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Our Story

Datarithm® began in 2005 as “RxNetServices”. At that point, we were a pioneer in pharmacy store-to-store inventory transfers. We became “Datarithm” in 2011 because we developed an expanding range of innovations and services such as inventory forecasting automation and analytical cycle counting.

  • We created a Forecasting Tool that analyzes historical transaction data to select the lowest error algorithm which can predict future product demand for optimal reorder dates and quantities across all locations.
  • The Balancing Tool we developed can automatically recommend store-to-store transfers to appropriately manage over/under stock situations and recover inventory dollars. Return losses can be reduced via alerts targeting in-date and short-dated inventory plus potential expirations.
  • Exact on-hand inventories are presented to stores through Cycle Counting analysis. This allows management to assess on-going needs, potentially reallocate inventory, and improve customer service.

Datarithm® optimizes inventory for pharmacies of any size so that:

  • Management can manage inventory centrally precisely and consistently across all locations.
  • Inventory is correctly adjusted to reduce out-of-stock problems to improve customer service.
  • Liquidity is enhanced through forecasting, transfer, and return recommendations which can help quickly convert inventory to cash.
  • Prescription inventories are appropriately managed consistently and precisely in each location.
  • Expenses are reduced and profits increase.



IncreaseCash Flow


Flawless Synthesis

Datarithm® has built a configurable automated system that meshes seamlessly with major pharmacy management software.

  • The complete product suite will address your needs today and in the future.
  • Your current technology works more efficiently for you without needing to upgrade or alter your current configuration.
  • Current management systems are optimized to control the most important resources – the prescription drug inventory at any location.
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