Carry the right drug, in the right amount.


Get the right drug at the right time, in the right location.

Cycle Counting

All under complete control with multiple reports.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock the power of your inventory data.

Pharmacy Inventory Control System Interface

Control your Pharmacy Inventory instead of it controlling you.

Datarithm® is a cloud-based pharmacy inventory management software, which through a bi-directional interface with leading pharmacy management systems (PMS), optimizes your Rx inventory. Datarithm helps pharmacies forecast usage, streamline tasks, reduce stock, recover inventory dollars and improve customer service.

Not using perpetual inventory?  Looking to move to perpetual inventory, but don’t know where to start? Let us help you. Datarithm can speed the process by offering order points and order quantities for every drug in your formulary based on dispensing history.

Are you currently using perpetual inventory, but looking to improve your process? Your information helps provide effective inventory management. We provide our clients with insights into their inventory trends, medication availability, costs, and potential product movement within their locations. Our analytics ensure you make appropriate decisions to positively impact customer service.

The Datarithm Software Solution

Our Team Works With You

Datarithm® has built an incredible team of diverse talents to maximize your pharmacy’s services. With many years of pharmacy and software experience, we know how to help your company better serve patients and efficiently manage inventory. We can help reduce all kinds of errors like running short, missing a reorder, or not anticipating a need.

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Increase Service Level

Experience fewer shortages and less IOU’s by maintaining cost-effective inventory levels.

Accurate On Hands

Avoid on hand drift by consistent and quick cycle counting.

Optimize Order Points

Forecasting plus a location’s customizable settings equal the perfect order point for every drug.

Reduce Surplus Inventory

Utilize Datarithm’s daily return to wholesaler recommendations.

Learn about how Datarithm can help reduce your inventory. Watch the video from George Fotis, owner of Drug City Pharmacy in Baltimore, MD. George has been a Datarithm® customer since January 2017.

The Results

Average Turn Points Improvement
Average Turn Improvement Percentage
Average Inventory Reduction Per Location
Average Managed Service Level

Inventory Turns

Your historical data is analyzed and compared to current dispensing trends. This allows you to see what is going out and forecasts what you need in the future.

Customer Service

You have the medications in stock that are needed based on your historical data plus national prescription trends. You have what your customers need when they need it.


Have plans to grow your pharmacy and need capital? Our guess is that you have plenty of cash sitting on your shelves. Datarithm’s daily return to wholesaler suggestions is a perfect way to get your cash back.


Do you have more than one location? Datarithm® will give you a complete picture of all your locations together and each location individually from the cloud.  No need to be at a location; manage your business from anywhere! Utilize our transfer function to send surplus from one store to another.


Datarithm will automatically change order points in your pharmacy management system to meet demand.  We will run a 24-month analysis on every NDC in your formulary.


Your business will improve its cashflow by eliminating surplus inventory while increasing inventory of drugs forecasting increased demand.  Balance your inventory between “enough, but not too much” through your historical data not by guessing.

Returns Management & Transfer Opportunities

Returns Management:  Datarithm assists in the monitoring and management of inventories that may be in surplus.  Don’t miss wholesaler or manufacturer credits when available and set reminders to return infrequently used items that are at risk of expiring.  Transfer opportunities for multiple pharmacy locations: With “Optimum” inventory levels determined through Forecasting, “Surplus” inventory positions are identified and attacked via “Push” and “Pull” transfer functionalities. The Transfer function gives users the ability to send surplus items from one pharmacy to another within the same chain.

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Powerful Inventory Data

The challenge is to convert inventory into cash while decreasing losses.

Datarithm® Analytics optimizes inventory through automated demand forecasting and inventory balancing. Improved fill rates lead to maximized customer service. Cycle counts are configured to your specs to flag diversions and keep precision inventory information.

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Satisfied Clients Across North America

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Partners & Affiliates;Interfaces

Some of Datarithms affiliates and interfaces

Datarithm® has partnered with some of the leading names in pharmacy management software. Our comprehensive suite of tools addresses both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Your current technology is maximized without the need to change your current infrastructure.

Your current management system is extended so you have complete control over your prescription drug inventory, your most valuable asset.

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